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The Basics

The starting point of any school is not the curriculum or the board (CBSE/IB/IGCSE) the school is affiliated to. The start is from the more and very basic question of how the school defines education.

Most people do not even bother about these questions. But for us, spelling out our understanding and definition of education is the foundation upon which the entire edifice of our school is built.


How, after all, does any school educate, without first spelling out what it means by education?


Given hereunder is:

Our Definition of Education

“Education is the process of gaining/imparting relevant knowledge of self, nature & society; and helping people acquire the skills, values & attitude required to realise/actualise their full potential.”

The above gives an idea of what one may expect to be delivered at our school. In simple terms it would mean delivery of not just the curriculum (Knowledge of nature & society) but much beyond it in terms of knowledge of self (meditation, self-control etc.) and development of each individual so that they are well equipped to attain success in all that they seek to do, while simultaneously being ready to face any challenges that life may throw at them.