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"Everyone has in him (or her) something divine,
something his (or her) own, a chance of perfection and
strength in however small a sphere of activity it may be.
The task (of education) is to find that sphere of activity,
develop it and utilize it."

- Sri Aurobindo

Our Approach to Education

Nothing can describe our approach to education better than the above words of Sri Aurobindo. The essentials of which are:

1. That each child is gifted; and

2. That the task of the school is to help discover this gift and then nurture it to fruition

How do we go about achieving the above? Would they remain empty words or be translated into action? To what extent can we focus on each child in large schools? The answers to the above are best had in a one-on-one interaction in the school and we would highly encourage parents to schedule a visit to the campus by calling us on 7996 400 400.


The curriculum adopted, the pedagogy followed, the additional Indic Edge Modules being designed, the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities incorporated – are all done with this very underlying objective of being able to uncover the innate talents of the students.


Not everything can be covered and explained on the website itself and we would encourage parents to visit the school campus for a better understanding.