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Our Philosophy

Every student wants to study well and achieve a lot in life. However, many a times, they are unable to do so as there are several inhibiting factors at play. For instance:

And the list continues…


How wonderful would it be if we could change our mood as per our desire, not allow stage or any other fright to come anywhere near us and be so much in control of self that nothing would ever anger us.


How wonderful would it be, if we could all make our minds free from all that binds us, restricts us, inhibits us and prevents us from achieving what we want or what we are capable of.


It is an aspiration to embrace such a sense of freedom & liberation and diligently work towards it, that makes us choose this old Sanskrit shloka of
सा विद्या या विमुक्तये or Education that sets you free
(in modified form) as the motto or philosophy of our school.


Such a sense of freedom/liberation has, in the Indic way of life and thought, always been the ultimate objective of all knowledge acquisition exercise which we call education.